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Re: Debian/Linux on Atari TT

Eero Tamminen dixit:

>Yes, but the MMU stuff importing from WinUAE to Hatari won't happen
>in time to help getting this stuff working before FOSDEM though.  :-)

There’s not enough in place anyway (also, people) to do anything
for FOSDEM – while I’ll be there, I lack hardware, and still don’t
know *how* I’ll travel (still trying to get my employer to sponsor)
so I can’t take anything anyway, and Wouter’ll be busy organising.
The Atari guys from close here can’t come, plus money is tight…
finally, we should have planned this in advance.

>> Right. I can make these from ARAnyM, now that I have discovered
>> its Byte Swap option… wish I had known that at OpenRheinRuhr…
>Btw. Latest EmuTOS CVS snapshot supports also non-byteswapped

It’s not about that. ARAnyM by default accesses the disc image
files using 16-bit reads of the _host_ platform, then passes
those 16-bit integers to the _guest_, which means that running
ARAnyM on a little endian platform will byteswap every single
word of the image.

>Do you have any idea why EmuTOS (which is GPL v2) isn't packaged
>for Debian?  That would be really nice as then Aranym & Hatari packages
>could depend from it and work without user needing to download something
>extra first.

I’ve had ideas to work on that along with Emile, atari-bootstrap
and mintlib once the MiNT patches are in unstable, which they now
are. But I don’t know yet how well the cross compile part will
work out… (and there’s the usual “humans don’t scale” issue).

>If it's because EmuTOS didn't build with normal m68k toolchain,
>I think next EmuTOS CVS snapshot will contain support also for
>building it with ELF based (GCC) toolchains.  That will be done

That’ll still need a cross toolchain (which is usually not uploaded
to Debian itself) or a native m68k-linux toolchain (which resides on
Debian-Ports and thus cannot be used for the main archive… politics).
So that cannot help over using a crosscompiler to m68k-mint, which
we can easily build “the Debian way” (in fact, I publish them, for
wheezy/amd64, in a Secure APT repository of my own).

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