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Re: Debian/Linux on Atari TT


(FYI: I'm now subscribed to the list so you can drop me from CC.)

On torstai 24 tammikuu 2013, Thorsten Glaser wrote:
> Eero Tamminen dixit:
> >I set FastRAM in Aranym to zero (which removed the other DMA zone node
> >kernel reports at boot) and removed the swap from your image, and it
> >still booted fine.
> >
> >So, it seems that it's possible to run just with ST-RAM.  I would say
> >that one needs at least 8MB + swap, or 14MB of RAM.
> That’s good. Then, we can _probably_ debug the TT issue with Hatari.

Yes, but the MMU stuff importing from WinUAE to Hatari won't happen
in time to help getting this stuff working before FOSDEM though.  :-)

My assumption is that it will take weeks as WinUAE code differs
quite a lot from the Hatari code (C++ vs. C etc).  Cache miss
profiling I'm doing should be in Hatari sooner though.

> >I would think use of a pre-installed Debian rootfs image to be
> >more appropriate for Atari TT.
> Right. I can make these from ARAnyM, now that I have discovered
> its Byte Swap option… wish I had known that at OpenRheinRuhr…

Btw. Latest EmuTOS CVS snapshot supports also non-byteswapped
(Atari) partitions, not just PC style byte-swapped ones:

Do you have any idea why EmuTOS (which is GPL v2) isn't packaged
for Debian?  That would be really nice as then Aranym & Hatari packages
could depend from it and work without user needing to download something
extra first.

If it's because EmuTOS didn't build with normal m68k toolchain,
I think next EmuTOS CVS snapshot will contain support also for
building it with ELF based (GCC) toolchains.  That will be done
to help porting EmuTOS to some FPGA hobby projects. :-)

	- Eero

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