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Debian/Linux on Atari TT


I was reading the m68k Debian mailing list archive and noticed
your mails about getting Debian/Linux running on TT.

Have you considered trying it in the Hatari emulator?

The latest Hatari version in Mercurial repo:

Has added fixes for 030 MMU support (Aranym emulates 040 MMU),
and in general it should emulate TT and Falcon much better
than Aranym.

Hatari has also very extensive debugger for finding issues
in emulated system:

It's been used e.g. by Mathias Reis in his Atari ST port of ucLinux.

If you have any question, about Hatari, using disk images
with Hatari or Hatari's debugger, just mail me.

        - Eero

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