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Re: Atari TT


> > The ne.c network driver does not appear to tolerate interrupts arriving before
> > the device has been configured, at least in the early boot phases. I'm uncertain
> > whether it would work even with my latest patches applied - maybe I can find
> > some time on the weekend to test that.
> Stupid ISA-only driver without IRQ sharing support...

Indeed - but that may be my old hacked driver which does have IRQ sharing. 

> The hydra and zorro8390 driver should handle that case fine, as interrupts are
> shared on Amiga.

But these will only generate interrupts if the card has something to send,
or receive has been enabled. The timer polling seems to be the problem here. 
> > Geert: is there some way for kernel network drivers to figure out whether the
> > network subsystem has been initialized, and hold off interrupt processing
> > before that time? I'm using 'if (netif_running(dev))' in atari_ethernec but
> > that does not appear to prevent the lockup.
> Doesn't the driver know when it's configured?

It does - it will spit out 'interrupt from stopped card' in that case.
That's the last message I see from the kernel before it locks up (haven't
tried in a while, at least that's what happened a year or two ago). The same
still happens when loading the driver as a module - a single message of the
kind, nothing more (but the kernel keeps running).

I would have thought netif_running(dev) returns false before the device has
been started, but that's wrong, apparently. 



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