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Re: Debian/Linux on Atari TT

Eero Tamminen dixit:

>> OK, but you should probably direct this to the mailing list.
>> If you want, I can bounce your original mail and this my reply
>> to it, then please reply in positive.
>That's ok for me, but I'm not myself subscribed to the list.

No worries, that works with Debian lists, luckily. (As with mine…)
Just keep the list in Cc, most people will happily Cc you back even
if you *are* on the list like I am…

>CPU core.  CPU core can be selected only at build time.

Ah, that’s the missing piece. I’d have to look at that.

>However, AFAIK it's still missing "correct" handling of the 68030's Special
>Status Word (SSW) and AFAIK that's needed for to recover from MMU
>exceptions.  However, I'm not sure what "correct" in this context means,
>how much is missing in this respect.  (I'll ask for clarification)

I’m not an expert on that either… that’s why I’d want discussions
like this to always be done on the mailing list.

>> Having a more accurate emulator can only help – but then, with
>> only 14 MiB ST-RAM and no TT-RAM, no real work can be done.

Linux is *fat*!

>14MB (of ST-RAM) should be plenty of memory for command line usage,

No. Definitely not, any more. Stuff like Unicode eats a lot, and
dpkg alone wants 80-96 MiB (virtual) memory due to the sheer size
of the archive, and you can imagine how well that works with swap.

>at least if swap works.  Or are there some processes in the bootup
>process which would like to *physically* [1] use more?

Swap only scales so far…

>I was thinking that Hatari could be used e.g. to test and
>streamline the installation process.

The installation process is especially memory sensitive, as
it involves a ramdisk of lots of megs…

>It wasn't completely altruistic, Hatari MMU code also
>needs more testing.  I.e. this kind of work would most
>likely require some co-operation with the developer(s)
>looking after Hatari MMU emulation.

Haha, sure, no problem. We can surely do that, but as things
are, unless the memory issue gets fixed it’s not good for
anything other than “try to boot to a command line and see
how far it gets”, on images pre-made on ARAnyM or bare metal
with more RAM.

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