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Re: Debian/Linux on Atari TT

Eero Tamminen dixit:

>I was reading the m68k Debian mailing list archive and noticed
>your mails about getting Debian/Linux running on TT.

OK, but you should probably direct this to the mailing list.
If you want, I can bounce your original mail and this my reply
to it, then please reply in positive.

I’m mostly the guy who notices it doesn’t work, especially at
this stage, and for kernel issues. (I did do some bugfixing by
myself, but not like that.)

>Have you considered trying it in the Hatari emulator?

I was only aware of its existence. The documentation doesn’t
really state clearly whether it has got an MMU or not, and I’m
*absolutely* *not* compiling *anything* using cmake by myself,
but there appears to be a version packaged in Debian… if that’s
suitable, I could give it a go.

Having a more accurate emulator can only help – but then, with
only 14 MiB ST-RAM and no TT-RAM, no real work can be done.
Worse, our current problems occur on machines with 4 MiB ST-RAM,
which do require some amount of TT-RAM to even boot to single

>Hatari has also very extensive debugger for finding issues
>in emulated system:

Interesting. But, as I said, I’m not the person who would be
tracking this down, even if the RAM and other issues could
be solved.

Thanks anyway for your interest and offer to help!

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