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HOWTO: quick cross kernel compile

Use wheezy/amd64 or sid/amd64 as basis.

Add to /etc/apt/sources.list:
deb http://www.freewrt.org/~tg/dp cross main

Install wtf-debian-keyring or trust the repo signing key
by other means.

Install the package: gcc-m68k-linux-gnu

Get a baseline .config file and a kernel tree from somewhere.
Debian’s are at: http://www.freewrt.org/~tg/f/20121227/config*

Run: make ARCH=m68k clean
Run: make ARCH=m68k menuconfig
Run: make ARCH=m68k -j8 all

Of course, adjust the -j number, and never use -j without a number.

Then, do something about kernel modules. You *will not* be ABI
compatible with Debian’s. I usually do this instead:

Run “lsmod” on the system, note that only “ipv6” and possibly
“evdev” (for X) are loaded, none others. (Or are there?)

Use CONFIG_MODULES=n and just put everything into the vmlinux.

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