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Re: same for upload_queues

Wouter Verhelst dixit:

>What do you mean by "changed"? The example in my previous mail, as well
>as on wiki.debian.org, shows that you need to use (), not [], to
>construct the options...

Yes, but I decided to take the sample config from the package
in sid as baseline and apply the instructions from you, the
Wiki, the buildd.d.o page and Stephen’s mail from 2008 only as
suggestions (it did turn out that a lot of changes and settings
are redundant or no longer exist).

The sample config uses $ and [], and rleigh insisted earlier in
IRC that that was the new style to use. I said, fine, but only
once it actually works ;-)

I want one of these. They cost 720 € though… good they don’t have the HD hole,
which indicates 3½″ floppies with double capacity… still. A tad too much, atm.
‣ http://www.floppytable.com/floppytable-images-1.html

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