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Re: gnutls26 insanely slow on m68k (compared to openssl)

Simon Josefsson dixit:

>I just realized -- are you sure that you have sufficient entropy on the
>machine?  Make sure the processes aren't stuck reading from

Yes, I do. I’ve got a setup where I stream a BSD’s /dev/arandom (a
stretching RNG; the box itself has got an entropyKey so I’m fine,
random-wise) over SSL to the GNU/Linux boxen which run rng-tools.

>> Sure, if you tell me the magic invocation I should use ;-)
>gnutls-cli -p 443 www.host.com -d 4711
>and then type 'GET / HTTP/1.1' RET RET or whatever the URL that you
>requested was.  This should do the same as wget does, right?  I may have
Should being the keyword, as you can see from below, with
CA certificate checking gnutls26 is much much slower than
without (and gnutls28 appears file but ISTR it can’t be used
by most software due to licencing issues), but wget still
takes twice the time… hrm… adding Noël back to Cc…

>missed the initial part of this discussion, but as far as I recall it
>was just regular downloading of some data over HTTPS.

Yes. (When I use a GET instead of a HEAD, the times do not
really change.)

Note: the assertions in dn.c scroll by rather slow, I could almost
type in that speed.

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