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gnutls26 confirmed broken (was Re: [buildd] apt-transport-https segfaults)

Ingo Jürgensmann dixit:

> I've installed apt-transport-https as well, because otherwise apt complains
> about unknown method when being redirected from http to https. But I get this
> trace when doing an apt-get update:

It doesn’t do that for me, but I can confirm that nongnu-tls is even
more broken than usual: apt-transport-https, lynx-cur and (since the
switch from the *working* OpenSSL to this beast) wget just sit there
and eat up a lot of CPU when trying to connect to e.g. https sites –
throwing openssl s_client on them works.

So I guess something in gnutls26 or its dependencies broke somewhat
recently (possibly, within the last year or more).


PS: kde-plasma-desktop is not as slow as one might assume, kdepim is…
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