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Re: [buildd] Action plan to get buildds getting online again

On 2012-12-01 12:15, Thorsten Glaser wrote:

Maybe you should first update to etch-m68k and from that to unstable and
I think it's doable.
Not officially, really; most of our packages are recent enough to
not support upgrading from anything older than squeeze.
I think, debootstrapping a chroot, moving stuff in there and then
making the chroot the new system is the cleanest way to upgrade
any old systems right now.
But you might be lucky, who knows.

I did this from etch-m68k to unstable 3 weeks ago. It was sometimes a little bit tricky, but doable. Nothing an experienced user can't deal with, but not that kind of stuff a new user can handle, though. And as long as you work on a backup partition... alas, then you can use debootstrap as well...

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