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Re: [buildd] Action plan to get buildds getting online again

On 2012-12-01 02:09, Michael Schmitz wrote:

Honestly - I did try to follow Thorsten's notes on adding his repo
and bootstrapping a chroot, but it failed mysteriously at step one.
Did I mention my base system is still at version sarge?

Maybe you should first update to etch-m68k and from that to unstable and roughly described in http://blog.windfluechter.net/content/blog/2011/07/26/1189-upgrading-m68k-etch-m68k-unstable
I think it's doable.

Then you can setup a chroot with debootstrap as usual, although I failed to include his apt key so far. But I'm more worried about the libc6 issues at the moment... ;-)

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