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Re: Kernel 3.2.0-3-amiga & cirrusfb

On 2012-08-08 14:31, Geert Uytterhoeven wrote:

Just trying to get kernel 3.2.0-3-amiga to work on one of my Amigas (A4000T)....
3.2.0. That one doesn't have my cirrusfb probe rewrite and fixes?
You need at least 3.3 for that.

Uhm, installed the latest available kernel on Debian m68k...

Additionally, video=vga doesn't work as well as video=amifb doesn't, but video=pal-lace works.
Sorry, can't parse that sentence, esp. the second "doesn't".

Well, I had several lines in my linux startup script under AmigaOS. Some used video=amifb, others video=vga or video=cirrusfb. Neither one worked in the meaning that the machine used a different video than without any video statement at all.

Amifb supports both "vga" and "pal-lace".

True, but I assumed that it will generate a VGA signal, i.e. 31 kHz, 60 Hz or better. It didn't, but only same signal as pal did. Only pal-lace doubled the vertical lines and provided a better video (Tux was properly scaled and not vertically stretched).

For cirrusfb, you can use the whole standard video mode database.

Well, that didn't worked as well, apparently because cirrusfb was not functional. ;)

Any hints or tips?
What's the last kernel version that worked? Bisection?

Uhm... last kernel should be something in the 2.6.x's.

Does it work if you update drivers/video/cirrusfb.c to the latest version?

For that I would need to compile my own kernel instead of using Debian provided one. ;-) (And for that I first need to get my old A3000/040 at home running (or elgar, which is an 060). Will try that in the next weeks... ;-))

For the record, I don't have any Cirrus hardware.

Oh well.... I could temporarily provide you a PicassoII or such. IIRC I have a spare PicassoII that I could use instead of the PII in my A3000/040 now.

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