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Re: [SOLVED] Re: ARAnyM VMs with Debian hanging at 100% CPU usage

schmitz dixit:
Since it does not appear to cause any real harm (presumaby nfeth still works
after the message?), I'd leave it.

Yes, it works either way. Interrupts are some black magic, and I
must admit I don't really understand the impact of the issue even
after reading the verbose commit message…

The issue was that nfeth uses an interrupt level that is below the vertical blank interrupt (VBL) on Falcon. The VBL interrupt is good for exactly nothing and so it used to be disabled as soon as it was ever
encountered by its own interrupt handler (by setting the proper IPL).
The necessary logic wasn't properly ported to the new generic interrupt handling scheme when the Atari interrupt code was rewritten - the wrong interrupt level was set by the VBL, effectively reenabling the running nfeth interrupt (from memory, I had a closer look at that when the patch was submitted).
I hear you - and I am still working on sanitizing the driver's
interrupt use.

Oh, sounds like fun. Good luck! (ragnar76 is the one in need of
such drivers, he'd probably help testing, too.)

Looks like I may have something working that will require a minimum of changes to the ne.c driver -
need to run a few last tests though.



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