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Re: ARAnyM 0.9.13 with MPFR even for Lucid

Petr Stehlik dixit:

>I couldn't stand the feeling that Geert cannot enjoy new Andreas' MPFR
>FPU emulation in ARAnyM so I have backported the libmpfr4 for Lucid:

I’ve built mpfr4 for hardy and am now fighting with the PPA.
Should be there soon. I renamed the -dev package into libmpfr4-dev
to have this not be picked up by ANYTHING else in the system.

>And I have also released a new version of ARAnyM that includes another
>fix that Andreas made two days ago:

Mh. I’ll backport the src:aranym from sid once its maintainer (Cc’d)
has made the upload. Will post here then. (In the hope it doesn’t
use too many “new Debian” features…)

My other hosts use lenny (let’s just keep that alone, or maybe
I take my hardy source packages) and sid (so no issue once
Antonin has uploaded).

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          a peeing section in a swimming pool.”
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