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Re: new ARAnyM with better FPU

Petr Stehlik dixit:

>I think you might be interested in the new ARAnyM release. The version
>0.9.12 comes with a brand new FPU emulation core that should be precise
>Both these fixes could help running the Linux-m68k kernel and the
>Debian-68k system more stable on the ARAnyM.

Cool, thanks!

>ARAnyM Debian maintainer is working on updating the package in Debian
>sid as well.

OK, great. I’ll wait for that, upgrade the box with sid on
it and will backport to *shudder* hardy for my desktop at
work (which, by the way, I just upgraded: from a 6000 per-
CPU bogomips dual-core with 3 GiB RAM to a 6400 per-CPU
bogomips quad-core with 8 GiB RAM, and two HDD one DVD-RW
one Floppy instead of just one HDD), until such time as I
can finally ditch that and upgrade to Debian…

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