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Re: new ARAnyM with better FPU

Geert Uytterhoeven píše v Wed 21. 03. 2012 v 11:08 +0100:
> > Well, beware: Ubuntu < 10.10 (including the 10.04 LTS Lucid Lynx) does
> > not have the necessary libmpfr3+. That also means that the Ubuntu Lucid
> > packages I have prepared at
> >
> > http://sourceforge.net/projects/aranym/files/aranym/0.9.12/
> >
> > do NOT contain the new MPFR based FPU core made by Andreas.
> >
> > So if you really want to try out the new ARAnyM FPU on your Hardy make
> > sure you'll backport libmpfr3+ there first.

> I've just installed the binary for Lucid, and now cp/mv/du from coreutils
> work again (they failed with out-of-memory errors under Ubuntu's 0.9.9).
> I guess that was due to the CAS/CAS2 bugs?

Most probably.

I am wondering if it is worth backporting the libmpfr and making new
ARAnyM packages for 10.04 when the 12.04 is to be released in a month.


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