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Re: Rebuild d-i? And status update.

Am 26.05.2011 um 21:49 schrieb Christian T. Steigies:

> The network breaks down after 10 minutes or several hours. I have tried to
> install packages needed for a buildd anyhow, but I am not finished (taxes and
> other things had higher priority...). But if the machine has to be rebooted
> after a couple of hours, it is not worth to start a buildd yet or to ship it
> back to Hamburg for hosting. So I am waiting for kernel patches to try out,
> when I find time I will set up the buildd and crest and repair my A2000 and
> setup my A3000 and my Atari and my Mac and ...

Hmmm, sounds familiar to me. Once I had the same problem, IIRC. Is this an ariadne1 or ariadne2? Maybe just exchange the card to another one. 

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