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Re: Rebuild d-i? And status update.

On Thu, May 26, 2011 at 07:18:58PM +0000, Thorsten Glaser wrote:
> cts: How is your progress? We???re at the stage where, I
> think, we can ???just??? let a buildd run to mass-compile one
> package after the other (as I said, I???m *not* going to
> recompile the dependency hell that X is). If you run into
> uninstallability problems, check 0-NOTE.txt in my bootstrap
> repo, it contains stanzas for /etc/apt/preferences in the
> build chroot. (You _will_ have to remove entries for the X
> packages while building them, though.) I???ve heard 2.6.39-1
> works fine for you, which I???m glad for. (Besides the vga
> issue, no trouble for me either yet.)

The network breaks down after 10 minutes or several hours. I have tried to
install packages needed for a buildd anyhow, but I am not finished (taxes and
other things had higher priority...). But if the machine has to be rebooted
after a couple of hours, it is not worth to start a buildd yet or to ship it
back to Hamburg for hosting. So I am waiting for kernel patches to try out,
when I find time I will set up the buildd and crest and repair my A2000 and
setup my A3000 and my Atari and my Mac and ...


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