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Re: debian-installer: kernel lagging for sh4, m68k, alpha

Hector Oron dixit:

>(CC me on replies as I might not be subscribed to this list)


>  On SH4, m68k and alpha architecture, as those are not Debian
>"Official" candidates for release, debian-installer is lagging kernel
>arch       kernel udebs     build/config
>m68k       2.6.26 (-7)      2.6.26-1 # unoficial

Ben Hutchings has uploaded 2.6.38-5 (ABI 2) today, which
includes all “needed” patches for m68k support. This means
that I will probably upload debs to unstable end of the
week, it takes a while to compile six kernels.

The packages are linux-image-2.6.38-2-{amiga,atari,…}
versioned as *_2.6.38-5_m68k.deb (I don’t know which
of these two versions you need). As I’ve cross-built
and tested 2.6.38-4 plus the patches that got applied
earlier, I’m fairly certain they will work better than
anything we’ve ever had before, so I’d like to ask you
to update the information in that file.

If you need any udebs to be recompiled (I only keep track
of regular debs, but upload the udebs built anyway so a
lot of them should be pretty up to date by now), please
contact me (either directly or via debian-68k@) with the
names of the _source_ packages in Debian, and I’ll see
what I can do. (m68k currently still has no (automated)
buildd running, but we’re working on that too.)

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