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aptitude, elinks: something is wrong here

Source: aptitude
Version: 0.6.3-4
Priority: important

Source: elinks
Version: 0.12~pre5-3.2

Something is *very* wrong here. I need to build aptitude on m68k
because it’s used by cowbuilder, for example, and rather high up
in priority. It build-depends on elinks (why?), which itself is
not that big a problem (can’t it use lynx-cur or w3m instead?).

But elinks build-depends on src:iceweasel by libmozjs-dev (one
of its binary packages). This cannot be. All other build-deps
are somewhat fulfillable on m68k, some with some more compiling
beforehand, but that’s a no-go.

I suggest that elinks and iceweasel maintainers talk to each
other to split off libmozjs* from the latter source package,
and the _real_ problem be fixed in aptitude by not build-de-
pending on elinks any more.

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