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Re: 2.6.37 and other things.

Finn Thain dixit:

>> > Doesn?t the kernel set the clock now, before that?
>> Yes, 
>Well, this won't work correctly unless your RTC is in UTC, and MacOS uses 
>localtime not UTC.


>> but seems to have a out by -1 on the month. Date was set to ~28 Feb 8:50 

FWIW this works fine on ARAnyM.

>If two consecutive boots give the same error "Superblock last mount time 

This may be the famous hwclock vs. e2fsprogs issue, too. I’ve lost
track of the “official” solution, though… I just keep both RTC and
wallclock in UTC instead ☺

>(The logs you sent indicate that hwclock doesn't work, so I'd say that the 

That may be _another_ problem…

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