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Re: 2.6.37 and other things.

Finn Thain dixit:

>On Sun, 27 Feb 2011, Michael Tomkins wrote:
>> Decided to compile the stable: from kernel.org and it compiled 
>> straight out of a "make oldconfig ; make vmlinux modules 
>> modules_install" using Thorsten's 2.6.32 .config! Although it did take 3 

What about the SLUB/SLAB issue, is that solved?

>be that debian is misconfigured (it thinks the hardware clock is in UTC 
>but it is actually localtime. MacOS uses localtime so dual-booting means 
>you have to tell Linux about this).

I think the configuration for Linux is on the hwclock layer for this.

>The -1 month is a bit odd. It sounds like an off-by-one bug somewhere but 
>I've no idea where... Perhaps try
># strace -v hwclock --localtime --show

Doesn’t the kernel set the clock now, before that?

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