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2.6.37 and other things.

Decided to compile the stable: from kernel.org and it compiled straight out of a "make oldconfig ; make vmlinux modules modules_install" using Thorsten's 2.6.32 .config! Although it did take 3 days on a quadra 650/605/605 cluster (so its mac only?). Kernel and modules are here http://mich431.net/m68k/img.tar.gz, will be stripping them down a lot in the next compile. What apt packages do I need to do a "make deb-pkg", mine fails on hostenv each time. Thus the part built image (debian/tmp/ directory output).

Finn, the RTC is picking up a time but the month is -1 out and muddled time zone (Q650), eg, got 8am 27 Jan 2011 when it was 9pm 26 Feb 2011. I have Aust EST set as tzdata, and sydney on the MacOS 7.5. This is very annoying, as every time the e2fsck fails on mount time of the disk, I have gotten around this by setting the date a few months forward on the Mac before starting.

Also there was a network error on the second boot but this did not repeat on the third boot, (the first boot had the disk error and refused to continue) Dmesg and klog here. http://mich431.net/m68k/kern.log.gz http://mich431.net/m68k/dmesg.1.gz

And finally and easy way to freeze the kernel is to cat /var/log/*log over the network with a ssh connection, almost always freezes at 1-2 pages for 5-10 seconds.

Now to work at a ramdisk :)
Michael Tomkins
+61 408 172 142

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