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Re: Loopback block device missing in hdinstall initrd?

On Sun, Oct 11, 2009 at 03:27:31PM -0200, diego wrote:
> I managed to install the base system at least, using one of Finn's  
> kernels that had loopback block device built in. Unfortunately I will  
> still have to install anything beyond that manually by copying the  
> packages to the HD because the only networking options available on  
> the PB190 would be PCMCIA devices and I understand that there's no  
> PCMCIA support in m68k kernel.
> That's why I was saying that maybe it isn't worth bothering with,  
> since running linux without network connection is somewhat pointless.

I believe that the PB190 uses the same PCMCIA interface as the PB5300,
and the nubus-pmac group got a driver working there at one point. It
should be possible to get that running on m68k. The chip is apparently
called TREX if anyone wants to search for it. I recall that it controls
both PCMCIA and the media bay in those models, as well as the PB1400.

	Brad Boyer

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