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Re: toolchain, was Re: bogl: don't know screen type 1

Finn Thain wrote:
But in that post (June 28) Maxim recommends using mainline binutils, and since then we have HJL binutils- released, "...based on binutils 2009 0722 in CVS on sourceware.org..." So I guess I should start there.

The last binutils TLS patches went in on 2009-08-26; the patches fixed generation of invalid TLS relocations.

I understand that the current GCC (4.4) lacks the necessary patches, and 4.5 is still uncooked (and that's a scary prospect). Can someone confirm that this is the necessary patch for 4.4:

I think GCC 4.4 should be good enough.

As for eglibc, there are a number of branches listed here, http://www.eglibc.org/repository
The question is, which branch, snapshot or release might meet be suitable?

EGLIBC does not yet have NPTL patches checked in, they are in review on libc-ports@. Once the review is finished, I will likely backport the patches from EGLIBC trunk to 2.10 branch.

With this information, I could attempt to build a toolchain from upstream sources, or figure out whether or not the debian archive has the necessary source packages...

You will also need a patch for kernel, posted on linux-m68k@.


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