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Re: debian kernel m68k patches for 2.6.29

Michael Schmitz píše v Čt 16. 04. 2009 v 01:38 +0200:
> > What if I created a disk image with 15, 31, 63, 127, 255 and 511 MB
> > partitions and sent it to you? Would you please list what partition
> > sizes are mountable with _and_ without the Atari FAT patch that we are
> > discussing here? That could finally clear it up (for me at least).
> I'm happy to do that. Can you please specify what parameters (logical sector 
> size, number of sectors per cluster) the partitions were generated with?

Atari GEMDOS and Atari partition programs always use 2 sectors per
cluster. Since FAT16 can hold max 32k entries you can compute the rest
of information from this (example: 63 MB partition needs 2 kB clusters
to fit into 32k cluster limit so the logical sector size for 32-63 MB
partition needs to be 1 kB).

> Yup - did AHDI use particular values for logical sector size and sectors per 
> cluster that we'd need to make sure will still work? 

See above - 2 logical sectors in a cluster. That is actually the only
difference from MS-DOS where they stick with fixed logical sector size
and are adding more sectors to a cluster, IIRC.


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