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Re: debian/m68k's future

On Fri, 10 Apr 2009, Brad Boyer wrote:

> Would you say the missing TLS/NPTL for glibc is the biggest problem? I
> thought there were some people working on it, which is why I stopped
> even thinking about it. I know I don't spend much time on m68k work,
> but I'm sure I could find a little time to do something if it made
> a big difference. I'm not sure I know glibc enough to do that part,
> but I know it needed some kernel support that I could probably do.

The kernel support is also the only part that is not yet done.  The 
binutils support is checked into CVS, the GCC support was posted to 
gcc-patches although some updates may be needed for 4.5, the glibc support 
is also implemented (but not yet posted) although possibilities for 
testing are limited until the kernel support is ready.  Note however that 
there were some changes to the userspace/kernel interface in the course of 
implementation (regarding what is a syscall and what is a vDSO function; 
details of the changes needed so far were sent to the person doing the 
kernel work); I'll update the specification once kernel and glibc code is 
working together, as further changes may yet prove to be needed (if atomic 
operations are needed before the vDSO is available).

Joseph S. Myers

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