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Re: [patch 1/2] m68k: Atari EtherNAT (SMC91C111) driver (updated)

Interrupts are still missing, the driver operates from a timer routine

Thanks, updated. But...  it doesn't seem to compile?

drivers/net/atari_91C111.c: In function 'smc_rcv':
drivers/net/atari_91C111.c:584: error: implicit declaration of function 'readsw'

Odd - that should have been added by my previous io.h patch (the one that was too chatty in the comments, around July 20).

drivers/net/atari_91C111.c: In function 'smc_hardware_send_pkt':
drivers/net/atari_91C111.c:729: error: implicit declaration of function 'writew_be'

See patch 3 out of 2 (noticed that this morning only ...)

drivers/net/atari_91C111.c:729: error: implicit declaration of function 'writesw'

Same thing as the readsw function, was added by the July 20 patch.

drivers/net/atari_91C111.c: In function 'atari_ethernat_pdev_probe':
drivers/net/atari_91C111.c:2317: error: 'struct smc91x_platdata' has no member named 'irq_flags'

Duh - now where did that one come from? Seems someoene removed irq_flags from the platform data struct between 2.6.26 and 2.6.28 ... I'll check the driver changelog. Looks like I should work from a fresh tree anyway.

This is atari_defconfig with all `new' Atari drivers enabled.

BTW, can you please run scripts/checkpatch.pl on your patches?

| total: 63 errors, 87 warnings, 2621 lines checked

Duh again ... half the errors were in the original smc91x.c but I'll clean up
my mess now.


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