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Re: [Emile-devel] Bootable Debian install CD-ROM for Mac 68k

On Wed, 13 Aug 2008, Laurent Vivier wrote:
> Le 12 ao� �3:08, Stephen R Marenka a �it :
> > > And it is only bootable, but cannot install debian because it doesn't
> > > find the bits for testing/m68k.
> > > (Stephen: where can I find them ?)
> > 
> > We're (okay, actually Michael Casadevall) is working on lenny for m68k.
> > 
> > Meanwhile, if it boots, you should be able to install etch-m68k by
> > putting suite=etch-m68k on the kernel arg line.
> This doesn't work...

Are you using a mirror that carries etch-m68k?
I'm always using de.debian.org, as I found out plain debian.org mirrors don't
seem to have all Debian architectures.



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