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Re: The perl 5.10.0 headache

On Mon, Jul 07, 2008 at 09:56:19AM -0400, Michael Casadevall wrote:
> After talking it over with stephen and arranging perl 5.10 to be built on
> real metal vs aranym, we are pleased to report that perl passes its test
> suite with the exception of one test, a threading stress test which launchs
> multiple threads, and then tries to make sure that they close in order.
> This test is broken on both Perl 5.8, and 5.10, although it was only
> included in the later's base package by default. It appears its caused by
> the antique version of glibc we use, and the fact that we are using the old
> linuxthreads package vs. nptl. A lot of packages are currently broken
> because Perl 5.10 isn't available, so I personally think, since its the same
> situation with 5.8 that we force perl through (by applying a patch to skip
> this test, or make it a non-fatal fail).
> What are your opinions on it?

On a perhaps related note, we've had a number of perl threads related
self-test failures (libthreads-shared-perl comes to mind).

If threads are broken, should we instead have a non-threaded perl? (and
what will *that* break.)




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