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The perl 5.10.0 headache

After talking it over with stephen and arranging perl 5.10 to be built on real metal vs aranym, we are pleased to report that perl passes its test suite with the exception of one test, a threading stress test which launchs multiple threads, and then tries to make sure that they close in order.

This test is broken on both Perl 5.8, and 5.10, although it was only included in the later's base package by default. It appears its caused by the antique version of glibc we use, and the fact that we are using the old linuxthreads package vs. nptl. A lot of packages are currently broken because Perl 5.10 isn't available, so I personally think, since its the same situation with 5.8 that we force perl through (by applying a patch to skip this test, or make it a non-fatal fail).

What are your opinions on it?

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