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Re: Please, testers of hfsprogs are needed


Well, did the trivial testing first (i.e. tried hpfsck on my known good
HFS+ filesystems and I get:


*** Checking Backup Volume Header:
Unexpected Volume signature '  ' expected 'H+'
hpfsck: hpfsck: This is not a HFS+ volume (Unknown error 4294967295)

(powerpc, 332.14-4)

Do you have access to some little-endian (ia32, x86-64 etc) architecture
to run the same test on that filesystem? BTW, does this filesystem
consist of sensitive data or is it too big?

Sure, I could do that. The filesystem is about 200 GB so yes, that's too big.

If all is well, then I would appreciate a copy of it so that I can run
it as a test before doing uploading it to Debian the next time (I prefer
not to have a package than to have a package that might cause ill

I'll have to see if I can find a disk image file suitable to that purpose somewhere.

BTW, you mentioned hpfsck. Did you actually use fsck.hfsplus (renamed)
or did you use some other tool? This got me a bit puzzled.

hpfsck was the command I used. If you think fsck.hfsplus behaves any different I'll try that as well.

In particular, newer versions of diskdev_cmds (that's what Apple calls
it) are available for download from

I'll check that sometime.

It seems that the newer versions were polished a little bit with just
one source for both PPC and i386.

I'll have to dig out my AppleID account information to access that one it seems.


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