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Re: debootstrapping m68k-coldfire

On Tue, Mar 04, 2008 at 09:17:54PM -0500, Michael Casadevall wrote:
> I suspose the question needs to be asked; what are people doing with their 
> old m68ks. Most people around here are using them for (obviously enough) 
> buildds to attack the unstable queue. I popped over to netbsd, which is 
> the only other operating system distro besides Debain and Gentoo to 
> support m68k. The mailing list is completely dead looking at the archive, 
> and the latest NetBSD releases do not offically support any m68k 
> architecture as far as I can tell.

I am one of those on the popcon results (I hope, the m68k does not seem
to allow the http: method, and I've never watched the email get sent).
I have my m68k system as my internet visible computer here,
handling my email and being my apache test server.  Once nice thing
about an m68k in that sense is that the server is slow enough, that
most attackers get bored waiting for it to respond and go away.  :)

I run a 2.4.28 kernel that I have compiled myself using this hardware.
For a while I was compiling a new kernel every day, playing with the
different kernel options to get the smallest kernel footprint for this
machine's 16M RAM and the drivers for the hardward I have.  It is nice
to be able to tell my co-workes that I have the source to my OS, and
compiled it myself.

I also run X, on it, and use it as a boot server for an old Envizex
X-Terminal!  Amateur radio applications work here, like Xastir.
Although X on the native hardware stopped working some time back (EGS
Spectrum board).  That issue was left as X at boot time keeps timing
out, but X at via startx works OK.

Mutt, Telnet, Apache are tools that I use every day on this box, in
addition to Perl, Python and GCC.

I don't think popcon is installed by default in the m68k install, or
wasn't back on Potato, which is where I got started using Debian on this

So, don't believe everything that popcon doesn't tell you.

Many Thanks to All,


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