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Re: debootstrapping m68k-coldfire

On Tue, 4 Mar 2008, Michael Casadevall wrote:

> I suspose the question needs to be asked; what are people doing with
> their old m68ks.

Just want to answer this one, despite not using debian, hope it's ok.

I've been running linux on my old A1200/Blizz1230III more or less non-stop
since early 1997, and before that there was a period of NetBSD as well.
This machine is currently my web-server (http://amiga.nvg.org), hosts a
few mirrors (of www.linux-m68k.org amongst others), hosts the Warlock ADF
archive, and also used to run the UAE Board (which I btw should put online

It does all this quite well, I think. Every night I get logs from apache
in my mail, yesterday it had close to 3000 hits from well over 500 unique
adresses :)

A couple of years ago I bought a Blizzard 1260 for a second system, the
old 030 with only 32MB RAM was tedious to build my gentoo/m68k packages on
and I felt the need for speed ;)  Last year I got an old Mac Quadra
610 up and running, and also bought an Asus Pundit P2 with a 2,13GHz
core2duo to run emulators on. This one is now running Aranym where I do
all my current package building. (Same box also runs a few Qemus for mipsel
and armeb.)

The old mac is my IRC server... all my machines each have a bot (SupyBot)
installed and logs onto this IRC server (ngircd+stunnel for
IPv6&SSL-reachability). Here they output tails of auth.log, emerge.log,
messages and various other logs, and accept various commands from me and
themselves. (For example they tell each other about ssh-scan attempts and
block offending IP-addresses by adding them to /etc/hosts.deny)

All machines also have a hobbit-monitor client installed for survialance,
as well as a munin-client.sh that I use to collect statistics. They all
have native IPv6 addresses, and have been "test beds" for various IPv6
related stuff and debugging :)

So, my m68k related work these days involves updating packages every now
and then with Aranym, test that they also work on my a1200-Blizz1260 system,
and if it alls seems ok, also install them on my Q610 and a1200-Blizz1230.

All binary packages are available directly on http://gentoo-m68k.kolla.no/
and sync'ed up to http://tinderbox.dev.gentoo.org/default-linux/m68k/

I really should create a ram disk to install from and some stage files I
guess, every now and then I get mail about this from people who want to
try it out.

-- kolla

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