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Re: FOSDEM thoughts

QEMU can emulate a coldfire processor. I'm looking into the feasibility
of using qemu to kickstart the coldfire port.

On Tue, 2008-02-26 at 07:51 +0100, Michael Schmitz wrote:
> Hi,
> late to the party again - my old e-mail system broke down once more...
> > > > After going to a conference, I'm usually filled with ideas, and FOSDEM
> > > > is no different in that regard. Also, it was nice to finally meet cts :-)
> > >
> > > Hehe... I met him the first time lately after 7 years also... ;)
> >
> > Yeah, I know, I need to travel more, I think I'll have to go to Alabama
> > again, and I have never been down under ;-)
> Well, you should definitely add the southern hemisphere to your travel
> plans :-) I'm sure we could have a smaller gathering at our house some
> time.
> > > Getting the coldfire port working would be nice, yes... I believe that would
> > > bring in fresh blood and a general boost for debian-68k/cf...
> >
> > We had a discussion with Aurelien, Geert and Sven about coldfire. The
> > consensus was that we should not make cf a separate port, since we would
> > probably loose all m68k developers in that case. I personally am interested
> We should try to accomodate CF in the m68k port - if it can be done at
> all.
> > in cf only if it can help m68k, if I want something "new", I would go
> > powerpc, I need an excuse to get a PS3 ;-)
> Let's hope PS3 keeps PowerPC alive for some time.
> > Maybe Wouter can come up with the topics for a meeting, some hacking part to
> > get the coldfire boards running, or to set up aranym systems. Then we should
> Some sort of workshop to set up aranym buildds would be something I'd be
> interested in. And the TLS issue we'll have to tackle. FC hacking I can't
> really help with, unless someone writes an emulator first :-)
> > Some more m68k developers need to be found and maybe the popcon numbers
> > could be increased a bit to show the number of users. The aranym buildds
> > might be suitable as fast/security buildds?
> Might be used as large RAM buildds, at least. That should help at crunch
> times.
> 	Michael

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