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Re: FOSDEM thoughts


late to the party again - my old e-mail system broke down once more...

> > > After going to a conference, I'm usually filled with ideas, and FOSDEM
> > > is no different in that regard. Also, it was nice to finally meet cts :-)
> >
> > Hehe... I met him the first time lately after 7 years also... ;)
> Yeah, I know, I need to travel more, I think I'll have to go to Alabama
> again, and I have never been down under ;-)

Well, you should definitely add the southern hemisphere to your travel
plans :-) I'm sure we could have a smaller gathering at our house some

> > Getting the coldfire port working would be nice, yes... I believe that would
> > bring in fresh blood and a general boost for debian-68k/cf...
> We had a discussion with Aurelien, Geert and Sven about coldfire. The
> consensus was that we should not make cf a separate port, since we would
> probably loose all m68k developers in that case. I personally am interested

We should try to accomodate CF in the m68k port - if it can be done at

> in cf only if it can help m68k, if I want something "new", I would go
> powerpc, I need an excuse to get a PS3 ;-)

Let's hope PS3 keeps PowerPC alive for some time.

> Maybe Wouter can come up with the topics for a meeting, some hacking part to
> get the coldfire boards running, or to set up aranym systems. Then we should

Some sort of workshop to set up aranym buildds would be something I'd be
interested in. And the TLS issue we'll have to tackle. FC hacking I can't
really help with, unless someone writes an emulator first :-)

> Some more m68k developers need to be found and maybe the popcon numbers
> could be increased a bit to show the number of users. The aranym buildds
> might be suitable as fast/security buildds?

Might be used as large RAM buildds, at least. That should help at crunch


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