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Re: FOSDEM thoughts

On Sun, Feb 24, 2008 at 08:44:05PM +0100, Wouter Verhelst wrote:

> After going to a conference, I'm usually filled with ideas, and FOSDEM
> is no different in that regard. Also, it was nice to finally meet cts :-)

Hehe... I met him the first time lately after 7 years also... ;)
> As I mentioned on this list before, I've been thinking it might be good
> to hold a real-life meeting somewhere to discuss the future of the m68k
> port; not just for Debian/m68k people, but for all Linux/m68k people
> who're interested. Such a meeting hasn't happened yet, but I still think
> we ought to do it; there are many things that we'd need to set a
> strategy for. The obvious problem with that is that it would involve a
> lot of people, and doing such a meeting might be too hard or expensive
> to organize.

Generally I think that's a good idea, but I also think that fund raising for
such a meeting is more than difficult. 

> After watching the video team do live streaming to the world from
> FOSDEM, however, I was thinking that if a real-life meeting with
> everyone involved is indeed infeasible or going to be too expensive, we
> might want to consider doing a video conference or some such; we could
> perhaps have some people meet somewhere in Europe (Christian, Aurelien
> Gérome, Ingo, Geert, Petr, Roman, ...), some in the US somewhere
> (Stephen, Brad Boyer, ...), and perhaps some in some site "down under"
> (Finn, Michael, Adam Conrad, ...). This would avoid the complexity of
> having to multiplex a dozen video streams while still not having to fly
> people around the globe (across a continent, at worst). I also (still)
> think that a face-to-face meeting (even if only with the help of
> technology) can /really/ help for this type of in-depth discussions, and
> that it's pretty hard for us to do this over mail; but if we want to do
> this with every one of us in one place, this may require some of us to
> take some days off, whereas if we do this using the video conference
> plan, we could do it during a weekend or some such.

I think someone already mentioned skype... Also there're some drawbacks with
skype (proprietary, etc), I would be a nice and simple way to hold a
telephone conference at least... 

> Obviously the list of people that I gave above isn't extensive; I'm also

I'm surprised that you mentioned me as I just host some machines and can't
do much more than that, except maybe sysadmin stuff... 

> mentioning people such as Aurelien and Adam who both have one of the
> donated ColdFire machines that we may want to decide to do something
> with. They need not necessarily show up at the meeting, but perhaps we
> may want them to either be involved, or give their coldfire boards to
> someone else; I tried doing this alone, but that's just plain
> impossible.

Getting the coldfire port working would be nice, yes... I believe that would
bring in fresh blood and a general boost for debian-68k/cf...
> I was told that Debian apparently has also received an offer for holding
> some meetings at Google sites, and they reportedly have equipment to
> make this kind of video conferences possible; if not, I'm sure we can
> find some interested people to help us somehow. It's not as if we'd have
> to figure this out all by ourselves, or so.

A video conference at a near-by site would be nice, though... 

> Thoughts?

Just my 2 cents... 

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