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FOSDEM thoughts

Hi all,

After going to a conference, I'm usually filled with ideas, and FOSDEM
is no different in that regard. Also, it was nice to finally meet cts :-)

Matthias Klose was at FOSDEM too, and he asked me whether/when we want
to make gcc-4.3 be the default compiler. I said I'd throw it on the
mailinglist; I'd think we'd want to do some testing first? Or do people
know whether it's a good idea? At least we got it to build, so that in
itself should be good :-)

The next item is some wild idea that I'd like throw up for discussion.

As I mentioned on this list before, I've been thinking it might be good
to hold a real-life meeting somewhere to discuss the future of the m68k
port; not just for Debian/m68k people, but for all Linux/m68k people
who're interested. Such a meeting hasn't happened yet, but I still think
we ought to do it; there are many things that we'd need to set a
strategy for. The obvious problem with that is that it would involve a
lot of people, and doing such a meeting might be too hard or expensive
to organize.

After watching the video team do live streaming to the world from
FOSDEM, however, I was thinking that if a real-life meeting with
everyone involved is indeed infeasible or going to be too expensive, we
might want to consider doing a video conference or some such; we could
perhaps have some people meet somewhere in Europe (Christian, Aurelien
Gérome, Ingo, Geert, Petr, Roman, ...), some in the US somewhere
(Stephen, Brad Boyer, ...), and perhaps some in some site "down under"
(Finn, Michael, Adam Conrad, ...). This would avoid the complexity of
having to multiplex a dozen video streams while still not having to fly
people around the globe (across a continent, at worst). I also (still)
think that a face-to-face meeting (even if only with the help of
technology) can /really/ help for this type of in-depth discussions, and
that it's pretty hard for us to do this over mail; but if we want to do
this with every one of us in one place, this may require some of us to
take some days off, whereas if we do this using the video conference
plan, we could do it during a weekend or some such.  We'd have to be
careful of the timezones, though, but that's obviously not impossible to

Obviously the list of people that I gave above isn't extensive; I'm also
mentioning people such as Aurelien and Adam who both have one of the
donated ColdFire machines that we may want to decide to do something
with. They need not necessarily show up at the meeting, but perhaps we
may want them to either be involved, or give their coldfire boards to
someone else; I tried doing this alone, but that's just plain

I was told that Debian apparently has also received an offer for holding
some meetings at Google sites, and they reportedly have equipment to
make this kind of video conferences possible; if not, I'm sure we can
find some interested people to help us somehow. It's not as if we'd have
to figure this out all by ourselves, or so.


<Lo-lan-do> Home is where you have to wash the dishes.
  -- #debian-devel, Freenode, 2004-09-22

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