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RE: Xorg on m68k

Hi Guys!

I didn't have time/will to do more on the aranymfb I worked on at that time.
After sifting
through your discussion here I figured that I might just try to send the
unfinished patch
of my aranymfb development (the date of it is Apr 4 2007, so it is almost 1
year old now
and was never published).

I remember I was able to get any resolution/any color depth (non-plane
modes) and boot
to the console with the patch as it was.

Perhaps it helps to get Xorg up and running (patch file against a year old
m68k CVS
attached). I am sorry but currently I am busy mostly with my regular job and
real life
so that I cannot get you a patch against the current CVS in reasonable time
I think.

Best Regards


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Subject: Re: Xorg on m68k

Michael Schmitz wrote:
> Hi,
>> The text console is broken in 16 bpp, as atafb uses the 
>> atafb_iplan2p8* drawing operations for both 8 and 16 bpp. The patch 
>> below is a first step to fix this, but it doesn't work yet as the 
>> cfb_*() routines need valid numbers in fb_fix_screeninfo.line_length,
which is not set up by atafb.
> What would that line_length be, I wonder - just yres*2?

xres*2 is the line_length in bytes, IMHO


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