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Re: Xorg on m68k

Hi Geert,

> The text console is broken in 16 bpp, as atafb uses the atafb_iplan2p8*
> drawing operations for both 8 and 16 bpp. The patch below is a first
> step to fix this, but it doesn't work yet as the cfb_*() routines need
> valid numbers in fb_fix_screeninfo.line_length, which is not set up by atafb.

AFAIR fix->line_length was not set because encode_fix could be called
before the video mode was actually set up. Or maybe because I could not
figure out how to derive line_len from the hw pars.

Anyway, I'll give it a shot - what I need to know is what units line_length
will use - bytes, or pixels?

And should line_length be derived from xres or xres_virtual?



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