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Re: EMILE package testers sought

On Tue, Jan 29, 2008 at 12:05:42PM +1100, Finn Thain wrote:
> On Mon, 28 Jan 2008, Wouter Verhelst wrote:
> > Hi,
> > 
> > I'm having a bit of an issue: the EMILE packages have had RC bugs filed 
> > against them for a while now. They're small problems, but in order to be 
> > able to fix them, I need something which I don't appear to have: a 
> > machine able to run unstable on a 2.6 kernel. What I have is this:
> > 
> > - a IIci, which (AFAIK) does not run 2.6
> At the moment I'm working on replacing the mac_esp SCSI driver, since the 
> the SCSI developers are eager to remove it from 2.6.25... I will check out 
> the IIci problem after the new driver is finished.


> > - A Centris 650; same problem
> Strange. The boot failure you described recently on the IIci was one I've 
> never seen on Q650's. They generally work fine. Is this an FPU emulation 
> issue perhaps? What CPU does Penguin report?

No, that's not what I meant. Last I tried (which was a while back,
admittedly), 2.6 didn't boot properly on my Centris 650. I believe I
reported that at the time, and haven't since seen any news which would
convince me that 2.6 would now work on the Centris. Hence, "AFAIK", 2.6
wouldn't boot there.

However, if you're telling me that it should work, then that sounds as
if I should try again :-)

I'll do so later today. Thanks.

> Also, it sounds like your IIci and C650 fail early, so I'd check for 
> problems on the MacOS side: e.g. boot MacOS without extensions (hold down 
> shift when you hear the chime, release it when you "extensions disabled"). 
> Enabling virtual memory might help (see the Memory control panel).

I could try that.

> > - A Quadra 700. This one *does* run 2.6, but the kernel I've installed 
> >   does not support the network; and apparently I can't seem to be able 
> >   to boot its 2.2 kernel anymore (no clue why), so I can't fix the issue 
> >   that way
> I tested my Q700 when I was working on ADB (so I think 2.6.22 works). I 
> also sent a patch for DP8390 ethernet around the same time, to bring it up 
> to par with 2.2.25.
> If 2.2.25 doesn't boot, then try disabling extensions etc. If that doesn't 
> help, I'd need to know where it fails.

Okay. I'll try it and let you know where it fails -- but this might be a

> > - A Quadra 950. Support for this machine has always been poor, so I'm 
> >   not really using it these days. Also, the emile build which is in the 
> >   archive today and which worked on my IIci didn't work on the Quadra 
> >   950, so I'm reluctant to use this machine for testing.
> Again, my Q950 works fine except for the external SCSI bus. My new ESP 
> driver should fix that issue though.

Yes; but the main problem here isn't the kernel, it's emile. When I was
testing emile 0.10, it would work on the IIci, but not on the Q950; so
while it might be that 2.6 works flawlessly on the Q950, that doesn't
help me to test emile :-)

> > ... that's it, I guess. If I'm mistaken, and either the Centris 650 or 
> > the IIci should be able to run 2.6 with networking (the IIci has a NuBus 
> > network card), then please let me know. If the most recent kernel 
> > supports networking on the Quadra 700, please also let me know, and I'll 
> > try that.
> > 
> > In case none of the above helps, I'd appreciate it if anyone could 
> > please try out the emile packages which I've just built and are 
> > available at [1]; if they work, I'll upload them to Debian.
> I'd prefer to help get your machines working than spend time on EMILE 
> right now.

Yes, that is a perfectly sane attitude. I'd prefer that too; testing by
proxy isn't the best way to maintain a package. It's just that I really
need to get emile fixed in Debian sooner rather than later, otherwise
it'll get kicked out.

Perhaps I should've chosen a better $SUBJECT. Oh well.

> I had thought that all relevant patches made it into one debian kernel or 
> another. Anyway, I think the best approach is: I shold build a kernel, 
> test it on the same hardware, and then send it to you (after I finish with 
> mac_esp that is...)

I will try a recent kernel on the Centris 650 today, and see whether
that fixes it. If not, I'll come back to you.


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