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EMILE package testers sought


I'm having a bit of an issue: the EMILE packages have had RC bugs filed
against them for a while now. They're small problems, but in order to be
able to fix them, I need something which I don't appear to have: a
machine able to run unstable on a 2.6 kernel. What I have is this:

- a IIci, which (AFAIK) does not run 2.6
- A Centris 650; same problem
- A Quadra 700. This one *does* run 2.6, but the kernel I've installed
  does not support the network; and apparently I can't seem to be able
  to boot its 2.2 kernel anymore (no clue why), so I can't fix the issue
  that way
- A Quadra 950. Support for this machine has always been poor, so I'm
  not really using it these days. Also, the emile build which is in the
  archive today and which worked on my IIci didn't work on the Quadra
  950, so I'm reluctant to use this machine for testing.

... that's it, I guess. If I'm mistaken, and either the Centris 650 or
the IIci should be able to run 2.6 with networking (the IIci has a NuBus
network card), then please let me know. If the most recent kernel
supports networking on the Quadra 700, please also let me know, and I'll
try that.

In case none of the above helps, I'd appreciate it if anyone could
please try out the emile packages which I've just built and are
available at [1]; if they work, I'll upload them to Debian.


[1] http://people.debian.org/~wouter/emile/

(Note that, apparently, I forgot to make sure the .orig.tar.gz was near
the emile directory when I built it on kiivi, so a new build is
upcoming; it should however only differ in this not being a native

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