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Re: how to install Etch, Lenny or sid?

Michael Schmitz píše v Ne 27. 01. 2008 v 23:10 +0100:
> > I have just tried to install Debian but I don't know how to do that. I
> > used to be installing from CD images but I can't find any for Etch or
> > newer. Please help...
> The distribution would be etch-m68k these days. If you cannot find CD
> images, use the sarge images to install, and dist-upgrade to etch-m68k,
> then testing / sid.

Yes, at last I did that - used my old Etch image (that was actually made
by dist-upgrading from Sarge). But I was wondering if a fresh install is
possible at all given that initrd.gz expects an ISO of the debian
archive and I can't download the ISO anywhere nor can I find any m68k
related information on debian.org. I do understand they dumped us so I
was hoping for some secret information how to work around it and install
debian m68k nevertheless :-)


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