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Re: Missing m68k builds for the point release

> > Kars said he can test on blz1260, I have a blz2060 (and a gvp series2 which
> > I don't really use for anything).
> Good to know. If I would find time, blz2060 would be the first driver to
> tackle (as suggested by `wc -l' ;-)...

Now that's a metrics of complexity that needs some deeper analysis :-)
About the only difference (aside from the DMA setup) is the probe code,
which I think the ESP core ought to provide these days. Maybe it does...

I'm wondering whether we should go to the platform driver framework on the
rewrite (as jazz_esp.c did) as well. Can the presence of particular boards
be probed for at arch setup time (i.e. Zorro config data) so we only
populate platform driver data for those boards actually present? The
current probe code does not seem to guard against bus errors, either. Are
the Zorro2 space addresses always readable on Amiga?


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