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Re: Missing m68k builds for the point release

On Tue, 8 Jan 2008, Michael Schmitz wrote:
> > > Kars said he can test on blz1260, I have a blz2060 (and a gvp series2 which
> > > I don't really use for anything).
> >
> > Good to know. If I would find time, blz2060 would be the first driver to
> > tackle (as suggested by `wc -l' ;-)...
> Now that's a metrics of complexity that needs some deeper analysis :-)
> About the only difference (aside from the DMA setup) is the probe code,
> which I think the ESP core ought to provide these days. Maybe it does...
> I'm wondering whether we should go to the platform driver framework on the
> rewrite (as jazz_esp.c did) as well. Can the presence of particular boards

Yes, for those that matter (see below).

> be probed for at arch setup time (i.e. Zorro config data) so we only
> populate platform driver data for those boards actually present? The
> current probe code does not seem to guard against bus errors, either. Are
> the Zorro2 space addresses always readable on Amiga?

All supported NCR53C9x SCSI host adapters for Amiga (Cyberstorm,
Cyberstorm II, Blizzard 1230 & 2060, Fastlane, Oktagon) are Zorro
boards, so they can be converted to use struct zorro_driver. There seems
to be some overlap in Zorro ID usage that needs additional checks, but I
guess we can handle that...

So that leaves us with platform devices for mac_esp and sun3x_esp.



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