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Re: Missing m68k builds for the point release

Update: only pwlib and wesnoth were not ready when we released about two
hours ago... They can still make it for the next point release which is
planned for the end of february... Thanks for making sure the
oldstable-security packages were ready and doing an effort to get as
up-to-date as possible for the others!

Michael Schmitz wrote:
>>> So hobbes is the one listed as buildd_m68k? ;)
> yep - me manually taking the package and messing up the user ID again :-(
>>> I noticed that wesnoth has two different failed logs showing, the latter
>>> of which seems to have an invalid version.
>> Yes, that's my fault, I'm looking into the failure Michael had by
>> handholding the build :-)
> So what did you do to get it to build now? apt-cache still fails in
> mysterious ways for me (running the same command as sbuild assembles
> internally, but from the console does get the data that sbuild never seems
> to see).

Nothing special, I just use sbuild -v -d oldstable wesnoth_0.9.0-8

>>> If you'll point me at the new hobbes I'll take a look if you like.
>>> Give them back if you're not going to build them, we should have four
>>> other boxes in rotation now.
>> I'm building wesnoth as we speak on crest...
> Getting a bit further now (after replacing /dev/null by /dev/zero in the
> apt-cache call: Thou Shalt Not Read From /dev/null - fresh, untainted null
> bytes may be had at /dev/zero):
> E: Opening /org/chroots/buildd/sarge/etc/apt/sources.list -
> ifstream::ifstream (2 No such file or directory)
> E: You must put some 'source' URIs in your sources.list
> Problem is, where does it pick up this path again? That's not where my
> chroot is for unstable...

That's just the /etc/apt/sources.list path in the chroot...

> Note to self: when copying around chroots, remember to update
> /var/debbuild/apt.conf ... Sorry, I should have remembered that a lot
> sooner.

You mean for not complaining about not verified packages I guess?

> Anyway, end of rant. It's building pwlib now. There's a perl build running
> as well so it may be a bit slower than usually.
> Re: access to hobbes: I'll set that up as soon  as I have port forwarding
> on the firewall set up. hobbes still has one major drawback for external
> use: I can neither send nor receive mail via SMTP. Stupid Telecom NZ
> firewalls that off, and does not provide instructions for using SMTP-AUTH
> (or any mail gateway), either.

I won't mind copying and running wanna-build manually :-)



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