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Re: Missing m68k builds for the point release

centericq and qt-x11-free are installed now! :-)

Stephen R Marenka wrote:
> On Thu, Dec 27, 2007 at 09:12:02AM +0100, Michael Schmitz wrote:
>>>>>>> oldstable:
>>>>>>> pwlib
>>>>>> needs-build
>>>> building
>>>>>>> wesnoth
>>>>>> needs-build
>>>> building
>>> hobbes barfed on it on the first go (forgot to patch sbuild). let's see
>>> how this attempt goes. If anyone else wants to beat me to it, have at it.
>> Still no go - same problem I had on crest (i.e. apt-cache showsrc fails
>> from sbuild while it is fine in the chroot itself). Any other takers?
> So hobbes is the one listed as buildd_m68k? ;)
> I noticed that wesnoth has two different failed logs showing, the latter
> of which seems to have an invalid version.

Yes, that's my fault, I'm looking into the failure Michael had by
handholding the build :-)

> If you'll point me at the new hobbes I'll take a look if you like.
> Give them back if you're not going to build them, we should have four
> other boxes in rotation now.

I'm building wesnoth as we speak on crest...



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