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Re: [buildd] Machines upgraded

> > > E.g. for Amiga native graphics, the main issue is that current xorg
> > > doesn't support bitplanes (AFAIK). The same is true for Atari.
> >
> > what's the alternative if there's no kernel framebuffer?
> If there's no kernel frame buffer, you won't have a console on
> Linux/m68k. So you first want to write a frame buffer device.

Which we did, long time ago :-)

Still, this means the real old X server (the one that still has bitplanes
support builtin) should run on the new kernel, unless we dropped some
frame buffer device syscalls in the process. I do not remember writing any
frame buffer memset or memcpy calls when porting the Atari driver (at
least nothing that would have been exposed to user space). Is that
automagically taken care of by common code?

Anyway, looks like I have to bite the bullet and try to bring the Falcon
to 2.6 as well ... which version of the X server did last have Atari and
Amiga support?


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