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Re: [buildd] Machines upgraded

On Tue, Dec 18, 2007 at 02:11:41AM +0100, Michael Schmitz wrote:
> > > > E.g. for Amiga native graphics, the main issue is that current xorg
> > > > doesn't support bitplanes (AFAIK). The same is true for Atari.
> > >
> > > what's the alternative if there's no kernel framebuffer?
> >
> > If there's no kernel frame buffer, you won't have a console on
> > Linux/m68k. So you first want to write a frame buffer device.
> Which we did, long time ago :-)
> Still, this means the real old X server (the one that still has bitplanes
> support builtin) should run on the new kernel, unless we dropped some
> frame buffer device syscalls in the process. I do not remember writing any
> frame buffer memset or memcpy calls when porting the Atari driver (at
> least nothing that would have been exposed to user space). Is that
> automagically taken care of by common code?
> Anyway, looks like I have to bite the bullet and try to bring the Falcon
> to 2.6 as well ... which version of the X server did last have Atari and
> Amiga support?
> 	Michael

I have 6.21 and 6.22 on the hfs partition and can boot using either.
Will let you know if xfree/startx still works.

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